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Certificate options for lifelong learners

Certificates are one of the numerous options for continuing your education.  Often taking less time to complete (1-2 semesters typically) than a traditional degree program, they are a compilation of courses focused on a certain topic or area of study and participants usually obtain documentation of the certificate upon completion.

A certificate may be a good option to enhance prior training, refresh skills, and attain new knowledge. They can be credit or noncredit, offered through a university, technical college or other institution (such as healthcare), and earned as part of a degree program or as a stand-alone program. We encourage you to research any certificate program as you try to decide if it is the right fit for you.

UW-Madison certificate options

Noncredit certificates
Offered by the Division of Continuing Studies, noncredit certificates are offered in a variety of professions including public management, mental healthcare, education, geriatric healthcare, business Spanish, and more. These certificates vary in time frame and cost.

For complete list, more information, and to register: http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/certificates/

Credit certificates
There are a variety of credit certificate options available to students at UW-Madison and all require admission to UW-Madison.

Capstone certificate programs are intended to serve returning adult students who wish to acquire specialized training to meet current and future job requirements. All require a baccalaureate degree and formal admission to the program. Tuition is typically charged at the Graduate student rate. Capstone certificate students are admitted to UW-Madison as University Special students. Some online programs are available.  For complete list and more information: Advance Your Career

Undergraduate certificates can be completed as part of an undergraduate degree or, in some cases, as a University Special student after you have completed a baccalaureate degree.  For University Special students, tuition for these certificates is at the undergraduate student rate and enrollment in classes is as space allows. Current undergraduate students should consult with their academic advisor regarding certificate options.

For certificates open to University Special students, look for those with an "S" in the "Level(s)" column on this complete list of Capstone and Undergraduate certificates. Contact the individual programs for more information on each certificate.

Graduate and professional certificates are open only to students in graduate and professional school programs.  Contact the individual programs for more information.


Other certificate options for Madison area lifelong learners

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