Welcome to UW-Madison! Whether you are from down the street or halfway around the world, we want to help you get the most from your UW-Madison experience.  Please take the time to complete our online orientation.  We recommend you do all the modules but feel free to pick those most applicable to you.  Enjoy this introduction to campus! 


Enrollment - We provide you with the step-by-step instructions for enrolling in your classes. Please watch the videos and multimedia presentations that guide you through the process. You may also download and print our handy reference PDFs to use as you enroll so you don't forget any crucial steps to complete the process. 

Getting Around Getting Around - The UW-Madison campus abounds with lots of activities and scenery. But with over 900 acres of enjoyment, it is also important to know how to get from one end to the other and what transportation options are available.
Housing Housing - If you don't live in the Madison area, there are many housing options for you. Visit this page for tips on how to find housing and learn about temporary housing options to make your search for permanent housing easier.
Academic Integrity Academic Integrity - Another important part of being in a classroom setting is understanding the high academic standards at UW-Madison. This resource page covers  how to ensure you meet these high standards when working on assignments and taking exams. Learn how to understand and avoid academic misconduct.
Campus Life Campus Life - Find out what makes your experience at UW-Madison a true Wisconsin experience. Watch the video where Bucky Badger learns all the fun places to go and great things to do on campus plus finds out about student jobs, volunteering and being part of every day campus life.
Health Services Health Services - UW-Madison has a student health center located on campus. Learn about the services provided to students at no or low cost.  Find out more about health insurance for students. 
We Are Here to Help We Are Here to Help - Beyond what we have provided in this orientation, we are available to answer your questions and help you find campus resources.