ADEIL: Call for Proposals

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When: October 24-26, 2018

Where: UW-Madison campus, Madison, WI

Cost: $485 | Early Bird: $ 445 until August 24 | Both options include a 12-month complimentary ADEIL membership

Questions or additional information: Contact Sarah Korpi at or 608-890-3364. Want updates? Join our email list! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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26th Annual ADEIL Conference: Call For Proposals

October 24-26, 2018

We invite you to submit a proposal to present at the 26th annual Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning conference, October 24-26th in Madison, Wisconsin. We are looking for quality presentations intended for all levels (basic through advanced) of practitioners in distance education and Independent (asynchronous) learning. All proposals should be grounded in evidence-based practice and/or innovative strategies, and be affiliated with one of our conference tracks: Instructional, Administrative, Instructional Design, Student Services, Corporate Education, and Graduate Students/Emerging Professionals.

Deadline to submit was midnight (CST) on Tuesday, July 31.

Here are some proposal topics to consider:

  • Partnerships between educational institutions and/or corporations
  • Keys to success in establishing and maintaining effective partnerships
  • Education as a benefit of employment
  • Strategic student outreach and support
  • Systems of collaborative record keeping
  • Creating community for online learners across a program or institution
  • From traditional student service roles to student success coach
  • Changing platforms: migrating courses to a new LMS
  • Tricks and Tips for aligning course objectives, content, and assessments
  • Instructor role in course revisions and/or updates
  • Instructional Designer’s role in course revision and/or updates
  • Managing course revision cycles
  • Innovative use of technology in the online course space
  • Alternative credentialing
  • Accessibility and ADA (section 508) compliance
  • Augmented or virtual reality and Game Based Learning
  • Flipped instructional role: from source of knowledge to facilitator of learning
  • Technology Literacy skills taught through content courses
  • Opportunities to serve incarcerated or institutionalized students
  • Learner Analytics and Course Revisions
  • Mobile Learning
  • Game-Based Learning
  • OERs and content Curation
  • Marketing: Reaching new learners
  • Shifting from a Residential to an Online Campus
  • Innovative Tuition Programs
  • Equipping students for academic success (e.g. campus food assistance programs, etc.)
  • Redesigning spaces to facilitate student learning
  • Improving course completion rates
  • Administrative restructuring to better serve students
  • Program Redesign
  • Emerging Research
  • Other

Why present?

  • Present your research or share your experience in a friendly atmosphere
  • Become a member of the Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning
  • Share your knowledge and be recognized for your contribution to the fields of distance education and Independent Learning
  • Test new ideas to guide your future work
  • Add your presentation to your CV
  • Contribute to the 2018 Conference Proceedings
  • Share your dissertation research outside of your committee or provide feedback for emerging scholars
  • Engage in conversation with leaders in the field during conference-organized meals and events
  • Explore and enjoy Madison — we’re ranked as one of the nation’s best cities to work and play

Presentation Formats

Format Description Time
Poster Sessions Showcase your research, project, or expertise in an informal, small group format 1 hour
Breakout Sessions Present your topic in 35 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A 45 min
Breakout Session Panel Present your topic in 10-15 minutes, listen to 1-2 other presentations, followed by 10 minutes for Q&A/discussion 45 min
Workshop Interactive, high-quality, collaborative presentation to develop participant expertise and skills in a specific area 1 hr 45 min

Proposal Criteria

To propose a presentation for 2018 ADEIL Conference:

  • Provide a short working title.
  • List presenter(s) and briefly describe backgrounds, especially as they relate to experience with the topic. Please include e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  • Provide a one- or two-paragraph description of the content and objectives that you hope to achieve. This summary will appear in the final program to entice attendees.
  • Describe format, length (45-50 minutes) and your equipment needs, especially audiovisual needs.
  • Submit your proposal as early as possible to increase chances of its acceptance by the committee. More than one proposal may be submitted. (If you submit more than one, please let us know if you wish to present all of them; if so, do you have priorities or preferences?)

All proposals must be entered into the online proposal form. You may submit proposals for multiple sessions.

NOTE: Proposals that solely promote commercial products or services will not be accepted.

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