Division of Continuing Studies Recognition and Awards

The Division of Continuing Studies implemented the Recognition and Awards program in 2014 to honor employees who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the core values and mission of our organization. Faculty and staff, marketing personnel, administrative, and all support staff are all eligible. Past winners include employees from program coordinators to division accountants. Nominations open every spring.

We are proud to award and introduce our 2015 recipients, and look forward to discovering who will stand out in an already exemplary crowd in the future. Please join us in congratulating these staff members on their accomplishments, and thank them for their service and dedication to lifelong learning.

2015 Outstanding Service to Learners Awards

This award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience for anyone who interacts with Continuing Studies. We look for outstanding performance, passion, creativity and innovation, collaboration, professionalism, and a friendly, welcoming attitude.

Congratulations to our 2015 recipients of the Outstanding Service to Learners Award!

Steve BoldtSteve Boldt
Director of Online Development, Educational Innovation

Steve is being recognized for his leadership and commitment to delivering exceptional, student-centered learning experiences by fostering campus wide conversations about best practices in the design and delivery of online credit and noncredit courses. His focus on innovation has advanced the mission of the Division and UW-Madison.

“Steve’s current work includes collaborating within DCS and across campus. Steve has built extremely strong relationships with faculty, instructional staff, and technology staff all across campus. The unifying theme of Steve’s interactions is his focus on adult pedagogy and making sure all learning experiences are student-centered.”

By creating campus wide, consistent standards and tools for the development and design of online courses, Steve’s work has a systematic impact across campus that ensures a high quality experience for both learners and instructors.

Sarah StilpSarah Stilp
Senior Student Services Coordinator, Adult Career and Special Student Services

Sarah was selected for the Outstanding Service to Learners Award because of her commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation in developing seamless processes for non-traditional learners. Known for her exceptional skills as a problem solver, collaborator, and process thinker – as well as for her love of chocolate cake – Sarah is a highly regarded team member all over campus. One of her nominators states: “There is no person I would rather have on my team than Sarah Stilp. She is an outstanding problem solver, skilled information technologist, and effective collaborator. And she just makes work fun for everyone around her.”

Sarah has a genuine enthusiasm for technology  and process improvement which she uses to manage all aspects of the technology surrounding the admission, enrollment, advising, billing and grading of all special and guest students at UW-Madison (over 7,000 applications per year). In addition, she provides unique, individualized technical support and advising to multiple groups of special students. Her command of multiple technical systems and ability to navigate complex campus structures while maintaining her good humor lead many to think she can do magic.

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