Recognition & Awards Nominations

The program and nomination process are based on current best practices from other organizations like ourselves, as well as input from the professional development committee, the dean's advisory committee, and a number of other division staff members. The awards selection committee consists of members of the academic staff, classified staff, and faculty. Winners will then be asked to serve on this committee the year following their recognition.

How to Submit a Nomination

Any Continuing Studies staff person may nominate a fellow staff member for the Outstanding Service to Learners Award. The deadline for nominations 1s June 15, 2016. Minimum criteria include being a permanent employee of Continuing Studies for at least 12 months.

To nominate someone, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the online Qualtrics survey form and fill out an application. The application form serves as the nomination letter, so the nominator is not required to provide any additional letter or forms.
  2. Within the application form, there are several essay-style questions. You must complete the FIRST question and at least ONE of the other questions for the application to be considered. You may complete more or all of the questions, should you choose to do so.
    • Please include as much detail as possible in your submission, such as feedback from learners served, or quotes from employees on campus or within the Division. The more details and specific examples you can provide, the better understanding the committee will have of the candidate and the impact they’ve had on the division.
    • You are allowed to provide up to 2 support documents with the submission—such as emails or letters of support, news stories, or other materials—but this is not required.
  3. A letter of support for the candidate from a colleague or supervisor within the division is the only other required document.
  4. The additional material (letter of support and any other back-up support) must be delivered in a letter sized envelope with the name of the nominee clearly indicated on the front to Leanne Morris, HR Manager.
  5. Complete your nomination no later than the cutoff date of June 15th.

Questions? Contact Leanne Morris at 608-890-3337 or

Thank you for taking the time to help recognize and show appreciation to our incredible staff!

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