A woman looks at art.

Art in the Hallway

When you visit Continuing Studies, be sure to enjoy the artwork in our Art Gallery on the 7th Floor. We established this gallery to provide a resource for artists to display their art in a public education environment. Artists include employees and their family members, instructors, students and other friends of Continuing Studies.

There are three small exhibit areas — one on each end of the main hallway, and one in the Wisconsin Idea conference room. The hallways are open to the public Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Tuesday 7:45 a.m.-7 p.m.

Thank you to all the artists.

The Call for Artists for 2020-2021 is now closed.

Call For Artists

Are you a local artist with a connection to Continuing Studies? Find out how to apply.


Email the Art Committee at csartshow@dcs.wisc.edu.

2019-2020 schedule

Dates Wisconsin Idea Room West Hallway East Hallway
Feb.–March ’19 Jo Morgan Varla Bishop Dominique Tacquet
April–May ’19 Kathryn Akbik Mary Kay Ruder Teddy Kaul
June–July ’19 Kathryn Akbik Bill Nitzke Susan Hering
August–Sept. ’19 Skot Weidemann Vanessa Greenwald Issis Macias
Oct.–Nov. ’19 Skot Weidemann Parul Trivedi Katie Swanson
Dec. ’19–Jan. ’20 Wendy Crone Ann Geocaris Kristin Shafel
Feb.–March ’20 Wendy Crone Bernie Tennis Marissa Recker

Kathryn Akbik

Email: kathrynakbik@gmail.com

Madison WI

The natural world has always fascinated me, and as a subject for artistic exploration it provides endless inspiration—from the textures of fur and feathers to the play of light on shapes and volumes and the quirks of personality and expression. In relief printmaking, I can add to these considerations the textures provided by the chosen matrix: wood or PVC or linoleum, and the size and quality of line. The carving of the block can be a somewhat physical, but at the same time a meditative process that allows me to further immerse myself in the creation of the finished work.