Video Resource: Many Voices One Journey

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In September 2001, the WWEN Project designed and produced a training and treatment video for counselors and educators to use in group sessions. In the 52-minute-long presentation, Many Voices One Journey, 7 women recount their recovery stories and explore issues surrounding women in treatment and recovery.

Suggestions for Video Use

For training: It is an educational training tool for those who want to learn more about the special issues of women and addiction. The video was timed to be viewed within a classroom or training session. It is suggested that the audience have had the core issues of addiction training before viewing this special-topics video.

For treatment. It is also for use with women clients who have entered treatment. We hope it will serve as a catalyst to start the important process of sharing feelings and experiences to relieve the alienation women share under this disease. Whether this video is broken up for a series of topic groups or shown in its entirety, it is strongly recommended that enough time be left for discussion and sharing. Some of the issues in the women's stories could be potentially powerful emotional touch-points for clients.

Our thanks go to the Wisconsin Bureau of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for supporting this effort.

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