Wisconsin Women-Specific Substance Abuse Treatment Centers and Services

Looking for a women-specific treatment center? Let the WWEN Project help you find the right treatment center for you.

This Wisconsin women-specific treatment center and services directory was revised in May 2013.

How do I get the directory?

What’s in the directory?

Each treatment center's name, address, telephone number, fax number, web site and e-mail, and a short description of services offered, average stay, and payment eligibility. Information is listed according to regions in Wisconsin and alphabetized therein. The directory contains a Table of Contents.

Who should I contact for information?

Treatment center questions can be directed to each specific center. Questions regarding the WWEN Project or the Directory itself can be directed to WWEN Project staff. See the contact us page for contact information.

Who is this directory for?

  • Women-specific treatment providers such as nurses, family counselors, health and human services providers, domestic violence services providers, mental health providers, maternal and child health workers.
  • Family members looking for a women-specific treatment center for a female family member.
  • A woman looking for a treatment center for herself.
  • Anyone interested in women, addiction and co-occurring disorders and looking for a women-specific treatment center in Wisconsin.

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This Directory is a publication of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Continuing Studies, Wisconsin Women’s Education Network on Addiction, Recovery and Prevention (WWEN Project). The project is funded by the Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery; Department of Health Services; Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Immediate questions? Email Mary Unmuth Yockey munmuth@dcs.wisc.edu or call 608-263-4431.