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Rocking Recovery Rally

September 13, 2014, 11am -2pm
State Capitol (State Street side)
Featuring New York Times best-selling author, Tom Farley!

Wisconsin is proud to announce a new statewide addiction recovery project: Wisconsin Voices for Recovery (WI VFR).

Historically, people in addiction recovery have not had a place at the table for policy changes or policy making. So, as a statewide movement, the goal is to bring together people both in and seeking recovery, their family members and allies, and be active as a Recovery Community Organization (RCO). WI VFR will Be a Voice and collectively advocate for public policy change, more access to treatment and other recovery resources, and help to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and recovery. We envision Wisconsin as a state that values people in or seeking recovery and recognize the opportunities recovery creates for wellness, both individually and collectively.
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April 2014: World Health Organization releases guidelines for the identification and management of substance use and substance use disorders in pregnancy.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Use of alcohol, illicit drugs and other psychoactive substances during pregnancy can lead to multiple health and social problems for both mother and child. Use of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome and other harms such as spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, low birth weight, prematurity and birth defects. Dependence on alcohol and other drugs can also severely impair an individual’s functioning as a parent, spouse or partner, and instigate and trigger gender-based and domestic violence, thus significantly affecting the physical, mental and emotional development of children.

Pregnancy may be an opportunity for women, their partners and other people living in their household to change their patterns of alcohol and other substance use. Health workers providing care for women with substance use disorders during pregnancy need to understand the complexity of the woman’s social, mental and physical problems in order to provide appropriate advice and support throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. View/download full report»

June 2013: Addictions specialist Jane Bartels releases her memoir Broken Promises on Amazon.

My name is Jane Bartels and I have been an Addictions Specialist for the past 20 years. My memoir was recently published by Amazon and is about my recovery from alcoholism and how it affected my 5 children. The book has earned great reviews from people across the country and especially from recovering clients and families who have been helped by the message of resiliency and forgiveness. I'm presently working at Connections Counseling in Madison and Shelly Dutch has recommended this book to many at our clinic. The book is Broken Promises and might be a good read for some of your classes on Addictions. I would also be available to speak. I would like to send the book to you if you're interested.

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