The Wisconsin Women's Education Network (WWEN) is a grant-funded outreach project for anyone interested in women's treatment, recovery and prevention. Through our programs and our web site, we hope to make it easier to access information, training, support and advocacy efforts regarding women's issues of addiction, prevention and recovery.


The WWEN Project's mission is to raise awareness and reduce stigma around the unique issues of women, alcohol and other drugs.

What do we do?

  • Increase public awareness of women’s drug/alcohol addiction as a health issue.
  • Seek to improve treatment for women suffering from addiction.
  • Provide education, training and technical assistance to all persons and agencies interested in helping women recover from addiction.
  • Advocate for expansion of women’s drug/alcohol addiction treatment services throughout the state.
  • Increase public awareness on the hazards of alcohol in women's bodies.

Questions? Contact program coordinator Mary Unmuth at munmuth@dcs.wisc.edu or 608-263-4431