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What: High-quality programs for practitioners and the broader community focused on attaining and enhancing physical, emotional, and lifestyle health.

Who: Taught by leading researchers, UW-Madison faculty, and guest lecturers specializing in wellness and all that it encompasses.

Certification: Programs meet multiple professional requirements and standards for continuing education.

Questions? Contact Barbara Nehls-Lowe, bnehlslowe@dcs.wisc.edu or 608‑890-4653.

Renowned UW-Madison professor Dr Robert Enright talks about his book The Forgiving Life. Dr. Enright teaches the Continuing Studies Wellness class Forgiveness: A Pathway to Emotional Healing. An online audio version of Dr. Enright's class is available; click here for details»

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Help others find the courage to take bold action for change while achieving professional credentialing and certification as a life coach.
Designed to equip counselors, clergy, coaches, educators, and other healthcare personnel with tools to help people find healing in the midst of loss.