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Visiting International Student Program

Experience UW-Madison student life! The Visiting International Student Program (VISP) offers you an opportunity to become an official UW-Madison student and to take regular university courses with our world-class faculty.

Visiting students are considered University Special students who are not presently earning a degree from UW-Madison (although may be earning a degree from another school or may wish to apply to a degree program in the future). VISP students pay tuition and fees for their studies at UW-Madison.

Visiting international students enjoy all the benefits of degree students—you may join clubs, use libraries, computer and sports and facilities, and have full access to all student support services.

As a VISP student, you will leave UW-Madison with the knowledge you gained and an official transcript of the work you completed on our campus. Your academic work at UW-Madison may transfer toward your degree program at home or to a degree program in the future.

Studying on the campus for a semester will make you a University of Wisconsin Badger for life and you’ll be invited to participate in and join activities sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) international network of over 400,000 students worldwide.

Why Study at the University of Wisconsin–Madison?

Academics - The University of Wisconsin–Madison is one of the top three public research universities in the United States. Many of our academic programs are ranked among the best in the nation with more than 400 degree tracks and over 5,000 courses. Whether your interests are stem cell research, computer science, or North American History, UW-Madison can offer you an academically rigorous and unique experience through a program of short-term study.

With approximately 43,000 students from all 50 states and more than 4,500 international students, your time at UW-Madison will allow you to engage with a diverse community of faculty, students, scholars, and native Madisonians.

The Madison Experience – The state capital of Wisconsin, Madison is a beautiful mid-sized U.S. city of 233,000 residents which is routinely selected as one of the best places to live in the U.S. Along our scenic lakeshores you’ll find peaceful places to study and explore while experiencing the beauty of our city. Short day-trips to Milwaukee and Chicago can offer you a taste of big city American life. Read more about the Student Experience at UW-Madison.

Is the Visiting International Student Program Right for You?

If you can answer “yes” to the following four questions, consider applying to the Visiting International Student Program:

  1. Does UW-Madison’s academic calendar work for my study abroad plans?
  1. Does UW-Madison offer the courses I wish to take? Am I able to be flexible about the courses I am able to take while studying at UW-Madison?
  1. Do I meet the minimum admission requirements?
  1. Do I have the required financial resources to study full-time at UW-Madison?

Yes to all?—Go to How to Apply.

Other UW-Madison program options for international students:

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