Flexible learning

For both traditional and nontraditional students, online and evening/weekend course delivery formats provide greater flexibility and more options for completing a degree, furthering your career, or pursuing an interest. UW-Madison offers several degree and capstone certificate programs that are fully or partially available at a distance or in a flexible format to accommodate working schedules. For more information, contact the specific program.

Flexible degrees

The following programs offer evening and/or weekend courses to accommodate working schedules.
Business: General Management—M.B.A. (named options: Executive M.B.A.; Evening M.B.A.)
Social Work—M.S.W. (named options: Part Time M.S.W., Eau Claire; Part Time M.S.W., Madison)
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis—Specialist Certificate
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis—M.S. (named option:  Cooperative Program with UW-Whitewater)   
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis—Ph.D.
Psychiatric Nursing—Post-Graduate Capstone Certificate

Distance degrees

Students in the following programs can earn credentials by completing 50 percent or more of the work at a distance.
Nursing – BS (named option: Collaborative Nursing)
Educational Psychology—M.S. (named option: Professional Educator) (MSPE)
Electrical Engineering—M.S. (named option: Power Engineering)
Engineering—M.Engr. (named options: Engine Systems; Professional Practice; Technical Japanese; Sustainable Systems Engineering)
Library and Information Studies—M.A.
Mechanical Engineering—M.Engr. (named option: Polymer Science)
Mechanical Engineering—M.S. (named Option: Controls)
Physician’s Assistant —M.P.S  (named option: Community-Based PA Program)

Individual classes

Distance Education courses in Mathematics offered by the UW-Madison Department of Mathematics:
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I Math 221
Calculus and Analytic Geometry II Math 222
Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations Math 319
Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra Math 340

Distance learning through UW-Madison

The UW-Madison Schedule of Classes includes all UW-Madison credit courses. To search specifically for distance education courses: enter the Class Search, select the correct term and then use the “Mode of Instruction” field to select the kind of distance education that works for you. You can further narrow your search by limiting it to specific departments, course numbers, etc. To take classes listed here you must be an admitted UW-Madison undergraduate, graduate, or nondegree University Special student.

Independent learning

Hundreds of courses are available for transfer credits. You should have courses approved by your degree-granting institution before enrolling. Work at your own pace and can take up to a year to finish a course. Visit the independent learning website to start exploring choices.