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PLCC requirements

The PLCC is a blended learning program with 5 modules that are each 3-day face-to-face classes and 3 virtual modules via teleconference over 9 months (September-May). The classes total 135 hours of instruction time. The certificate is a cohort program and participants are required to attend and complete the program in its entirety to earn the certificate.

In addition to the 15 face-to-face classes and 3 virtual modules, participants will complete readings and assignments. Approximately 5-10 hours per week of outside classroom time is required.

The PLCC concludes with a written examination, a final coaching performance examination, and a capstone Passion Project presentation and paper.

Requirements in detail

  • 8 Modules (in person and virtual)
  • 5-10 hours/week of outside classroom time doing readings and assignments
  • Written final exam Module #8
  • Oral exam to demonstrate coaching skills and knowledge of ICF core competencies
  • 6 supervisions with certified coaches
  • Passion Project: Gallery walk/poster session and presentation during Module 8
  • Coaching Theory presentation and 3-page paper (based on a chosen chapter of the provided textbook, Evidence Based Coaching Handbook: Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients by Dianne Stober and Anthony Grant)

Attendance requirements

In order to successfully complete the PLCC and receive your coaching certification, you must attend the following:

  • All 5 in-person modules located in Madison. You can miss up to 6 hours total with an excused absence.
  • All 3 virtual modules. You can miss up to 2 teleconferences (4 hours) with an excused absence.