Recovery Story

RuthieHello, my name is Ruth Houghton.

I am a 33-year-old Ho-Chunk Tribal member and a single mother with three children: Taylor 15; Isabelle 12; and Chris will be nine soon.

On June 17, 2012, I started seeking help for my alcohol problem. I was drinking a lot and not caring what was going on or what happened to me. I found myself in legal and financial trouble and realized that I had to get help with my drinking. I was referred to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Behavioral Health Program where I am currently seeing an AODA Counselor on a regular basis. My counselor realized I needed help in other areas of my life as well and referred me to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s AODA Women’s Grant Program.

I came to the Ho-Chunk Program to get help for myself and my kids. My oldest son, Taylor, lived with my mother since he was four years old, and he didn’t come back to me until this past summer when I sobered up and got my life straightened out. He was 15 years old by then. Since he has been home, his brother and sister love it that we are a family again.

Voluntarily, I agreed to take Vivatrol shots to help me stop drinking and it is working for me. I had alcohol in my system when I got the first shot and it made me very sick. Since that bad experience, I have not had a drink in five months. I will continue to take the shots until I feel that I am strong enough to face life and can cope without them. My entire family is pleased that I have stopped drinking.

Six months ago I never would have believed what I have been able to achieve and accomplish since starting my program. With help from the program, I have recently been able to start GED classes with my goal being to complete and receive my GED. As well as getting my degree, I am looking for employment, which pleases my children.

I am taking life one day at a time and dealing with my problems as best I can when they arise. I do not ignore them anymore because I know that only makes matters worse. I do my best to be a good mother to my children, a good daughter to my mother, and a good sister to my siblings. I know that I have all my children now because I stopped drinking. I shall continue to do my best to remain sober. I am thankful and happy.

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