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Jane Bartels an addictions specialist releases her memoir Broken Promises on Amazon.

June, 2013

My name is Jane Bartels and I have been an Addictions Specialist for the past 20 years. My memoir was recently published by Amazon and is about my recovery from alcoholism and how it affected my five children. The book has earned great reviews from people across the country and especially from recovering clients and families who have been helped by the message of resiliency and forgiveness. I'm presently working at Connections Counseling in Madison and Shelly Dutch has recommended this book to many at our clinic. The book is Broken Promises, by Jane Bartels and might be a good read for some of your classes on Addictions. I would also be available to speak. I would like to send the book to you if you're interested.

Read the first chapter of Broken Promises.

Find her memoir on Amazon.

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phone: 608-215-7123