Toolkits and Resources

Have an idea for an innovative degree or certificate not found in UW-Madison’s usual program lineup? Need help designing and delivering this program?

We provide several resources available to help you turn your ideas into programs that will attract new, non-traditional audiences to educational opportunities based on your expertise.


For-Credit Toolkit

Capstone Certificates or professional master’s degrees designed to serve new non-traditional audiences require planning. This toolkit provides academic units with program preparation, marketing, budgeting, and online development tools to assist with developing a new degree or certificate curriculum. Find the for-credit toolkit here.

Find the for-credit toolkit here.

Noncredit Toolkit

Noncredit programming, sometimes known as continuing education programming, can include workshops, conferences, multi-week classes, and certificates. This toolkit provides planning, marketing, budgeting, and online program development tools to help create new, or improve pre-existing, noncredit programs for lifelong learners. Find the noncredit toolkit here.

Find the noncredit toolkit here.


Leading Research

The campus is committed to continuing what is best about “traditional” education. This includes meaningful intellectual encounters—both inside and outside of the classroom—between talented, committed faculty and qualified learners. The campus is also committed to supporting educational innovations, enhancing transformative learning and investigating the use of new pedagogies, as well as engaging new audiences.

Leading research on adult education and online learning include: