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Film and Digital Studies complete curriculum

Please note: This is a comprehensive list of all Film and Digital Studies classes Continuing Studies offers. Not all classes are offered every semester.

Digital Storytelling
Collaborative workshop introducing the principles of compelling digital storytelling. We'll experiment together, wielding camera and computer, to script, shoot, edit, and premier short narrative and documentary films. The focus will be more on process than product, as we familiarize ourselves with the tools and techniques of multimedia authorship. No prior experience necessary. Includes face-to-face meetings and an online community for sharing and feedback.

Digital Writing and Electronic Narrative
Do digital writers dream of electric sheep? Digital writing is playful and asks us to rethink our narrative practices. We'll explore new kinds of storytelling, mixing words, images, and video and sharing our projects on the web using platforms like WordPress. In addition to 2 face-to-face group workshops, you will receive personalized instructor feedback online throughout Digital Writing Month (November).

Digital Writing Month
Digital Writing Month (DigiWriMo) is a creative online community-based approach to writing and digital media. You will craft and share your stories throughout the month using writing, pictures, audio, video, or any combination. Collaboration among participants, while not required, is heartily encouraged! Digital Writing Month is free, open on the web, and welcoming of everyone regardless of experience.