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Please note: This is a comprehensive list of all art classes Continuing Studies offers. Not all classes are offered every semester.

Advanced Art Critique for Artists: Moving Forward
Gain individual guidance and supportive critique from an expert teacher and artist. Completely online.

Artists: Finding Funding and Followers
Learn how to promote yourself and your artwork in compelling ways as you seek financial support and develop fans and followers.

Arts Business Symposium
At our inaugural conference, "Bidirectionality: Arts as Business as Arts," we'll explore the substantive connections between arts and business and open up a conversation about research and practice at the intersection of the two disciplines.

Arts Enterprise: Art as Business
This course provides an overview and foundation for those interested in developing, launching, or advancing innovative enterprises in arts, culture, and design.

Being an Artist: Supportive Critique for Visual Artists
Designed for emerging and advanced artists who need useful feedback, this 13-week online critique course includes 5 sections: Introductions, What is Good, Who Is It For, What Matters, and Where Next. Completely online.

Beyond the Photo: Creative Design with Photographic Reference
Enhance your art by learning creative ways to use photographic references rather than just copying the image before you.

Box Making: Clam Shell, Drop Spine

Calligraphy: Getting Started
Working with pen/brush, ink, and paper, learn the basics of several lettering styles.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop
Learn traditional and contemporary techniques of Chinese brush painting, including wet-in-wet, glaze, contour, and dry brush.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop: Journey Through Nature
Learn traditional and contemporary techniques of Chinese brush painting, including wet-in-wet, glaze, contour, and dry brush.

Decorative Papers and Book Structures Intensive Workshop
Create a myriad of decorative papers on Saturday using new or tried-and-true techniques; learn, share and expand your experiences.

Drawing 1
This 6-week class is suited for beginners and experienced artists interested in strengthening their skills through a classical approach to drawing.

Drawing 2
In this 8-week class learn to see and understand the visual experience and how to translate that to paper.

Drawing Fundamentals
Learn fundamental drawing concepts employed by artists since the Renaissance. Although this class is aimed at beginners, anyone will benefit from and increased awareness and a comprehensive understanding of foundational principles such as proportion, gesture, perspective, value, and light phenomena.

Drawing Landscape
This four-unit, web-based course offers a unique approach to landscape drawing that will interest artists of every level of experience. Completely online.

Drawing the Figure
This eight-week class covers fundamentals such as proportion, gesture, perspective, value, and light phenomena.

Drawing: Super Realism in Graphite Pencil
This intense, thought-provoking, project-based two-day workshop showcases the beauty and purity of the most basic of all art materials: the graphite pencil.

Feng Shui: Move Your Things and Change Your Life
In this 1-day workshop you'll learn Black Hat Feng Shui design principles to apply to your home or office.

Figure and Portrait Painting: Sunday Morning
Paint and learn with a group of supportive, accomplished figure and portrait painters who are willing to assist in your development. Live model holds one three-hour pose (with breaks), giving you time to hone your painting skills at your own pace and in your own style.

Figure Drawing Studio: Wednesdays
Draw from the model for 10 weeks in a non-stressful environment. Since there is no instruction, you may proceed at your own pace, in your own way.

Go First to Nature: Drawing the Landscape
In this 13-week web-based landscape drawing class, you study techniques based in observation and express responses to the natural world. Completely online.

Grassroots Marketing for the Arts
Learn how to develop a promotion plan to successfully market events, concerts, shows, and seasons.

Introduction to Modern Art
This survey of the "isms" of modern art takes us from the Realist rebels in mid-19th-century France to the American machismo of Abstract Expressionism one century later.

Japanese Folk Art: Etegami for Spring
Etegami is a Japanese folk art consisting of simple hand painted drawings with a few words of greeting to send to a family member or friend.

Living the Creative Life
Using The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron as our guide, you'll explore ways to recover the joy and courage to pursue your artistic dreams.

Mastering Your Subject, Discovering Your Style
In this 3-day workshop, explore different avenues of rendering a single object.

Nature and Garden Journal
Combine your interests in art and nature by starting a journal. Learn to sketch plants and animals, make seasonal notations, and incorporate words or poems.

Painting Workshop: Color for Painters
Explore the beautiful complexities and chameleon properties of color relevant to painting in this 4-week class. Exercises explore color mixing, tonality, composition, and harmony.

Painting: Acrylics by Design
This 6-week class is for those who would like to practice all the various techniques of using acrylic paint to its best advantage.

Painting: Beginning Through Advanced
This 7-week class inspires individual expression and growth through stimulating discussions and weekly demonstrations and mini-lectures covering painting technique, color mixing, and composition.

Painting: Long-Pose Traditional Portrait Workshop
Drawing and painting from life presents many challenges not present when working from photography; the portrait presents its own set of difficulties. This workshop focuses on a traditional, classical approach to portrait painting a live model for two days.

Painting: Master Copy at the Chazen
In partnership with the UW-Madison Chazen Museum of Art, students spend 8 weeks copying a portion or all of a painting.

Painting: Realism in Oils or Acrylic
This class offers a 3-hour studio experience, 2 Saturdays each month, for experienced painters working on paintings of their choice.

Personalized Art Exploration: Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media
Enjoy individual guidance from an expert. Collaborate with the instructor on a 5-lesson plan focused on your art. Completely online.

Photography: Making Money with Your Camera
Can you profit from your photos? Find out in this 6-week intensive introduction to stock photography: its changing image styles, current state of the industry, and strategies used by amateur and professional photographers to create and market stock pictures.

Photography: Take Better Digital Photos
In this 4-session class you learn basic composition and lighting techniques to use your digital camera more effectively, and explore how to shoot great photos in different situations.

Portfolio Review: What's Next?
Submit a portfolio of digital photographs, including closeups, of up to six artworks; an artist statement is also an option. Receive feedback on the next steps in your development. Completely online.

Realist Painting
This 4-session class for oil and acrylic painters meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month and focuses on the realist approach to painting.

School of the Arts at Rhinelander
School of the Arts offers nearly 60 workshops for adults in art and folk art, body/mind/spirit, digital media, food and fitness, music, and writing.

School of the Arts at Spring Green
Choose 1 of 3 simultaneous weekend workshops in a community of creativity.

Watercolor 1
This 2-day class is for those who have never painted or who want a refresher in the basics of working with this medium.

Watercolor 2
If you've taken a beginning class in watercolor and want to advance your knowledge of the medium, this class is for you. Learn about the properties of pigments, using limited palettes, and color schemes.

Watercolor in Winter
In this 6-week class, you'll experience winter in a positive way by practicing watercolor techniques suited to the landscape.

Watercolor: Plein Air Painting
Learn to paint plein air with the right portable art materials and the fast wash and brush techniques needed to capture nature in the moment.

Watercolor: Fall at the Arboretum
Watch demos of wash and brush techniques designed for this natural wildlife setting.

Watercolor: It's All About Values
Learn first how to see changes in value, plan your painting, and explore different techniques to instill the use of values.

Watercolor: Urban and Rural Landscapes
Learn how to transfer the scenery of Wisconsin to watercolor paper. In this six-week studio class, you explore many wash and brush techniques to create a painting and then allow the watercolor paints the freedom to work their considerable magic.

Watercolor: Vibrant Variations on New Surfaces
Work on gessoed paper, canvas, and synthetic yupo to create brilliant and textured watercolors in this 1-day workshop.

Wisconsin Regional Art Program
This annual conference features guest jurors and artists, culminating the statewide exhibit of the Wisconsin Regional Artist Association.