Financial aid program

Awards of 50% of qualifying registration fees may be awarded as credit toward total fees for those that qualify.

Application deadline: June 5. Financial aid applications must be submitted online.

The maximum award is $120.00 per person. All workshop registration fees except for Yoga qualify for this program. Competitive awards will be based on a statement of interest and need. Applicants who have not received financial assistance in the past will be given first consideration. The number of awards granted each year is dependent upon the available scholarship budget. Scholarships are supported by the generosity of donors to School of the Arts.

When you register online to attend School of the Arts, your potential award credit will be calculated and you will pay only the remaining balance. After completing the registration and payment, you will be directed to a link where you will fill out your financial aid application.

Notice of awards will be made by June 15. If you are not granted an award, you will be billed for the outstanding balance of your registration.

How to apply for financial aid:

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  1. REGISTER online for School of the Arts»
  2. Before Submitting your order, enter promo code FINAID and click on Apply.
  3. Pay your balance.
  4. You will then be given a link to a separate page to fill out the financial aid application.

    (You will be asked to provide references and a statement of interest. It may be helpful to view the form first and then gather your information.)

For questions about the registration and payment process, call the registration desk at 608-262-2451.