8-9am: Registration

9-10am: Keynote

The Transformative Power of Storytelling
Patrick Farabaugh

10:15-11:30am: Session 1 (choose from concurrent sessions)

Session 1A
The Pink-Triangle Door: Welcoming LGBT Cultures in Higher Education
Lewis Bosworth and Brian Wild

Session 1B
He, She, It... and Ze?: Feminist Sci-Fi and the Road to Inclusive Languages and Talking Back to the Dictionary: Queering Words
Kestrel Taylor and Rita Mae Reese

Session 1C
Writing Ourselves Here, Manifesting Ourselves Queer
Ames Hawkins and J.M. Conway

Session 1D
Drag Queen Stories of the Texas South Plains and Art at the Intersection
Katy Ballard and Ja'Mel Ware, others TBA

Movie screening 10:15am, Red Tent room to be open throughout the conference
Things We Don't Talk About: Women's Stories from the Red Tent  View movie trailer»
Isadora Leidenfrost

11:45am: Lunch (included)

1:30-2:30pm: Plenary session / Special event open to all

I'm From Driftwood: Why Our Stories Matter
Nathan Manske

2:45-3:45pm: Session 2 (choose from concurrent sessions)

Session 2A
Gendered Dressing Code for LGBTQ Groups? Unpacking its Liminality and Pedagogical Potential
Carol Yi-Hsuan Lai

Session 2B
Celebrate Queer Milwaukee and My Self-Education as a Gay Artist/Educator: Stories and Images
Malena Magnolia, Alexandra Hawley, Allison Eve Mollet, and Ed Check

Session 2C
Kelly O'Ferrell

Session 2D
Listen Up! Documenting the Queer Experience in Audio and Video
Allison Schuette and Liz Wuerffel

4-5:30pm: Session 3 (choose from concurrent sessions)

Session 3A
Reading, Writing, and Relating LGBTQ Narratives: The Healing Power of Words
Stacie Wieland, Anne Totero, Elisa Rivera, Angela Baerwolf, and Mark Albright

Session 3B
Trans Activism: Sharing Our Stories, Transforming Our Worlds
Kiki (Kristina) Kosnick, Amney Harper, and Thomas Scofield

Session 3C
The Professor and The Oracle: A Two-Voice Monologue about Teaching and Truth; Swish; and A Reading
Thomas Armbrecht, Jennifer Morales, and Stephanie Moore

Session 3D
Getting Our Voices Heard: Writing - and Getting Published! - Letters to the Editor
Joan Downs

5pm: Break for dinner on your own

7:30-9pm: Open mic (public welcome)

Hosted by local Q-writers of LGBTQ Narratives Queer Speak

Time TBA

Session number TBA
The “Right” to Write: Can Non-LGBTQ Authors Create Authentic LGBTQ Characters and Stories? Should They Even Try?
Elizabeth Ridley

Time TBA

Session number TBA
Reading and discussion on the importance and need to create inclusive characters
Presenter TBA