6 programs on how to apply ancient mindfulness insights in your contemporary practice

Come to one or any of these programs to increase your mindfulness knowledge, awareness, and skills for your personal and professional life. Learn about the mindfulness/brain connection. Begin, or enhance, your mindfulness practice while learning tools and techniques for supporting mindfulness in your clients' lives.

At a glance

What: 6 programs, including a free public lecture, on how to achieve and incorporate mindfulness into your own life and your work with clients

Where: The Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St, Madison, WI map»

Questions? Contact Aphra Mednick (amednick@dcs.wisc.edu 608-265-8041) or Barbara Nehls-Lowe (bnehlslowe@dcs.wisc.edu 608-890-4653)

The Mindful Workplace: New Tools for the Re-invention of Work
Working professionals are now being asked to do more with less—provide more services with less resources, with busier schedules and less time for mindful reflection. Can changing our ways of thinking about work re-invent meaning and experience in the workplace?

Th, Feb 27, 2014

Using Mindfulness in Your Practice: Wisdom and Compassion in Counseling and Coaching
This workshop will examine the ways in which our everyday sense of ‘self’ emerges and is sustained, how the contraction of conditioning leads to unnecessary suffering, how assisted self-discovery in mindfulness opens us beyond our habits toward greater possibilities for freedom, and that how being led from the deepest source of wisdom and compassion supports practical human maturity.

T, Mar 18, 2014

Growing Up and Waking Up: Psychological and Spiritual Maturity in Everyday Life (free public lecture)
The relief of emotional suffering is the focus of contemporary psychotherapy as well as that of ancient mindfulness practices. Both approaches are profoundly transformative, and when skillfully woven together pave the way for increased vitality and a deeper sense of peace, freeing the burden of unnecessary suffering. Such an integrated approach shows us how to grow up and wake up to who and what we truly are.

W, Mar 19, 2014

Mindfulness as a Basic Skill for Behavioral Health Professionals
Learn how to use mindfulness for yourself and to teach simple techniques to your clients. Review the foundations of mindfulness meditation and practice throughout the day. Explore why mindfulness meditation is an effective tool for recovery and health, and essential for healing and helping your clients gain control of their impulsiveness and reactivity.

M, Apr 28, 2014

Mindfulness and the Brain: The Dance for Wellness
Practice the basic skills of mindfulness meditation, and explore how and why this foundational practice is crucial to health and happiness. Explore how various strategies supporting change coincide. Practice the basic skills of mindfulness meditation and learn how to assist your clients as they move from a predominate pattern of “Fight, Flight, Freeze” to a more balanced pattern that includes “Rest and Digest.”

T, Apr 29, 2014

Mindfulness and The Heart: Hardwired for Compassion
This class is for those that already have a basic knowledge of mindfulness meditation. Discover strategies to increase your compassion, and practice these techniques throughout the day. Explore ways to support your clients to increase their own compassion and acceptance, and how to bring an open heart to your hardest clients.

M, May 5, 2014