Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Relationship Matters

Only through authentic relationships can we hope to create communities that sustain each of us—communities that treat every individual with respect and dignity, that welcome multiple perspectives, use conflict creatively, and elicit our best actions based on integrity. Whether or not you have a “formal” leadership role, everyone has the potential to be an emotionally intelligent leader. Learn how to make relationships matter at work, home, and in the community through these engaging programs.

At a glance

What: 6 workshops on emotionally intelligent leadership

Where: The Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St, Madison, WI (map) or Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St (map)

Questions? Email Barry Orton or call 608-262-2394

Listening for a Change: Skills for Dialogue
Dialogue shifts us from a mindset of persuading to one of learning. It invites us to engage with curiosity and openness, and to discover the shared meaning living among different perspectives. Slowing down, examining assumptions, and listening deeply not only builds stronger, more trusting relationships, it supports us in doing our best thinking together and discovering more innovative solutions.

TW, Sept 23-24, 2014 Registration available soon

How to Design and Teach a Successful Workshop
Do you need to lead a workshop even though you lack any formal training in conducting one? Have you been doing the same old workshop and are you looking for ways to get your audience more involved? In this 1-day workshop for those who lead workshops, you learn the basics of experiential-learning theory, how to develop outcome-based learning objectives, and how to use interactive teaching methods.

T, May 13, 2014 Click for details & to register»

The Joy of Meetings: Recipes for Success
In this 1-day workshop you learn how to transform your meetings from food fights to culinary delights. Learn outcome-based agendas with multi-modal processes that use people's time well, focus energy, and support group members working in more productive and creative ways. Also learn a tool that clarifies the gradients of an agreement and supports lasting solutions. Fee includes textbook Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making.

Th, May 1, 2014 Click for details & to register»

Honoring Our Common Differences: Creating Inclusive Organizations
In an inclusive organization, all people, including people of diverse social and cultural groups, experience uncompromising respect and dignity. Such organizations value and actively encourage multiple experiences and perspectives, creating a positive, collaborative environment where people can be themselves and contribute their best work. This 1-day workshop creates a safe forum for self-reflection and dialogue about inclusivity.

Th, Nov 6, 2014 Registration available soon

Perceptual Thinking Patterns: The Mind at Work
The Perceptual Thinking Patterns (PTP) model is a concrete tool that can help you learn, process, and communicate more effectively. The PTP principles taught in this 2-day workshop are easy to understand and immediately applicable to the workplace and at home. Understanding how you learn and communicate deepens your satisfaction in life by enhancing creativity, increasing self-awareness, and deepening relationships.

TW, June 24-25, 2014 Click for details & to register»

Art of Conflict Transformation
This 2-day intensive workshop will help you increase your comfort dealing with conflict and learn a way of responding that increases trust and communication. You'll discover how to shift from an either-or way of thinking to an attitude of curiosity and openness—out of which you can create win-win solutions.

TW, June 10-11, 2014 Click for details & to register»