World of Anglo-Saxon England

This 4-part illustrated lecture series explores the rich history and culture of England from the 5th through 11th centuries. Topics include: early missionary activity and Christianization, the Venerable Bede, St. Cuthbert, Lindisfarne Island and The Lindisfarne Gospels, the Synod of Whitby, St. Hilda of Whitby, the Sutton Hoo ship burial, King Alfred the Great, the Viking invasions, Edward the Confessor, and the Norman Conquest.

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What: World of Anglo-Saxon England

When: Th, Oct 16-Nov 6, 7:30-8:45pm

Where: Elvehjem Bldg, 800 University Ave, Madison, WI

Cost: $50

Continuing education credit: 5 hours (0.5 CEUs)

Instructor: Jane Schulenburg

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