Supporting Older People With Intellectual Disabilities: a Course for Promoting Health

This training qualifies people for 5 continuing education hours specific to Wisconsin Administrative Codes, Chapter DHS 83.21, 83.25, 88.04(5)a. It is the only approved online course in Wisconsin on health care for older adults with intellectual disabilities. This online course is authored by Professor Barbara Bowers of UW-Madison School of Nursing and is a collaboration with the Department of Health Services Bureau of Assisted Living to provide necessary training on the care of older adults with intellectual disabilities.

At a glance

What: Supporting Older People With Intellectual Disabilities: a Course for Promoting Health

When: Last offered Jul 1, 2015. Check back for next offering.

Where: Online

Cost: $40

Instructor: Suzanna Waters Castillo, MSSW, PhD

Registration closed

For additional information, contact Maureen Friend: 608-263-7055

Get the Continuing Education hours that you need for your job

This online course is intended for employees of community based residential facilities or adult family homes, and individuals interested in providing care and services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

This one class, which has 5 parts, is taught completely online by experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

You will do all of the work on your own computer. Take the class at night, in the morning, or any time that fits your schedule.

Ask your supervisor if this training is right for you.

One class. Completely online. Start anytime. Just $40.

The class was developed by UW-Madison’s School of Nursing. You will learn information that helps you do your job better, and take better care of the people in your residential care facility.

You will be trained in:

  • The normal changes that happen as a person ages
  • How to build successful partnerships to provide outstanding care
  • The responsibilities and roles of the family members
  • How to make decisions that support the people in your care
  • How to care for people as they approach the end of their life

Access to the class materials

After you register for the class, you will receive an email invitation to join the UW-Madison Lifelong Learners Group. Once you accept the invitation, you will need a NetID to proceed. Find instructions on how to get it here»

Students must achieve a 75% proficiency rate to pass. The training addresses the physical, social, and mental health needs of the client group, including characteristics of the client group served, activities, safety risks, environmental considerations, disease processes, communication skills, nutritional needs, and vocational abilities.