Printmaking: Marvelous Monoprints and Captivating Collographs

Create one-of-a-kind prints and varied editions utilizing additive and subtractive monoprint, pressure print, and collographic processes. Learn how to build various printing matrices, modify ink, hand and press print, fashion stencils/resists, and combine processes to produce dynamic imagery. Collaborate with fellow students to make unique pieces that celebrate the community spirit of printmaking. Novice through advanced printmakers will appreciate the freedom and experimentation these processes invite. $30 materials fee and additional supplies required.

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What: Printmaking: Marvelous Monoprints and Captivating Collographs

When: 6 weeks; Sun, Sep 10-Oct 15, 9-11:30am

Where: Humanities Bldg., Rm. 6641, 455 N. Park St., Madison, WI

Cost: $155

Continuing education credit: 15 hours (1.5 CEUs)

Instructor: Sarah O'Farrell

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For additional information, contact Lori O'Neill: 608-263-6322

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