Policy Analysis for Non-Analysts

As a public manager you must be able to analyze policy and interpret it for your work unit. Learn how to use analytical tools in decision making, evaluate outcomes for policy-related decisions, resolve conflicts over policy, and use your analysis in making decisions and solving problems. We also practice using analytical tools to study policy problems and reach decisions. A CPM Public Policy Class.

At a glance

What: Policy Analysis for Non-Analysts

When: Last offered Apr 6, 2017. Check back for next offering.

Where: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St., Madison, WI

Cost: $150

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

Instructor: Yeang-Eng Braun

Registration closed

For additional information, contact SUNSHINE JANSEN: 608-262-4354

What you will learn in this class
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