Striking Sparks: Inviting Surprise Into Your Poem

Good poems surprise us –- we're drawn into their worlds and emerge moved and startled. An unusual detail, unpredictable line break, or astonishing metaphor can make readers exclaim "ah-ha." When a poem turns from being about one thing to another, both writer and reader experience the thrill of the unexpected. Weekly critique, in-class exercises, and analysis of established writers' work illuminate how poems throw off sparks that ignite whole fires.

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What: Striking Sparks: Inviting Surprise Into Your Poem

When: 4 weeks; Tue, Nov 7-28, 6-8pm

Where: Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St., Madison, WI

Cost: $160

Continuing education credit: 8 hours (0.8 CEUs)

Instructor: Angela Rydell

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