My Book Proposal Coach

This course is ideal for any nonfiction writers with completed proposals who are ready to shop their book to publishers, agents, and managers. The first three online lectures cover topics such as marketability and courting your target audience; the fourth session includes a discussion with your coach in person, by phone, or by video.

At a glance

What: My Book Proposal Coach

When: Start anytime, complete within 1 year

Where: Online

Cost: $125

Continuing education credit: 10 hours (1.0 CEU)

Instructor: Laurie Scheer

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So you have written your book and a proposal to go with it. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into the journey of completing your book and proposal. Now what?

Are you going to let that book sit on the shelf for only your grandchildren to read or are you going to get it out into the buyers’ arena for it to be published?

The staff here at UW Madison Continuing Studies Writing programs hope your grandchildren will one day enjoy your manuscript...along with the rest of the world that has read the best-selling editions of your work!

How this course works

You can start this writing course anytime, and there are no required hours to participate. It's all done with one-on-one correspondence with the instructor using email. Work at your own pace and take up to a year to finish the course. We have writers from around the world participating in our workshops. A lot of great writing gets accomplished via email. Because of the one-on-one nature of our workshops, you'll find them an excellent "coaching" or mentoring situation that will keep you going. And if you want to just work on your own — hey, that's fine too. Of course you can do the suggested exercises on your own without the feedback if you'd rather do that. We're also here throughout the year if you have questions.
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What this course covers

The first three lectures will cover topics such as marketability; target audience; creation of loglines, synopsis, and selling materials; branding yourself alongside your proposal; and up-to-date resources for you to follow to educate yourself as you become part of this world.

The final fourth lecture is an in-person, by phone, or via video chat (Skype, iChat or FaceTime) with your coach as you practice your pitches one-on-one.

Your manuscript coach will

  • break down the myths of selling to the publishing world.
  • give you solid marketing feedback regarding your manuscript’s genre.
  • guide you to the right editors, publishers and agents.
  • be there for you as you take those steps to get your work out into the world.

There’s no need to be afraid

Know that there are publishers, editors, and agents that want your book proposal – it is up to you to let them know who you are. Taking advantage of the pearls of wisdom you’ll learn within this course, you'll be armed with research, inspiration, and ways to make educated decisions regarding the next steps for your manuscript.