The Web for Writers

Turn your writing skills into profit through web-based opportunities. This innovative series includes 3 units: Understanding the Marketplace, Multiplatform Content, and Branding Yourself for Web Writing. Learn how to navigate the web arena and plan how to brand yourself as a web writer. Take your existing talents to multiplatform arenas and stay relevant in the 21st-century marketplace.

At a glance

What: The Web for Writers

When: Last offered Jul 1, 2014. Check back for next offering.

Where: Online

Cost: Unit 1: 1.0 CEU, $85 | Unit 2: 1.0 CEU, $85 | Unit 3: 3.0 CEU, $85 | All 3 Units: 5.0 CEU, $230 (save $25)

Continuing education credit: 50 hours (5.0 CEUs)

Instructor: Laurie Scheer

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For additional information, contact Laurie Scheer: 608-265-3972

Who this course is for

This course is for writers who want to explore writing within the many platforms of the web, writers who want to take their skills and merge into web writing, and writers who want to understand how to write scripts for short visual projects.

Take one or all three of these new, innovative courses that help you develop web-based strategies and the confidence you need to become a multiplatform web-based writer.

What we cover in this course

Unit 1: Writers’ Marketplace — Understanding Multiplatform Content

The first step to writing in this new arena is learning how to navigate the various web-based platforms. Next, the writer needs to know what form of digital content they might want to write.  Finally, gain an overall market analysis of this “wild, wild West” environment, along with a look at its consumers.

Lesson 1

  1. The world of multimedia multiplatforms
  2. What is “content”?
  3. Types of digital content – entertainment and informational based
  4. Parts of digital content – websites, blogs, columns, web series, mobile series, and podcasts

Lesson 2

  1. Overall market analysis
  2. Who are the viewers, users, and players?
  3. Finding information
  4. Examples of writers using websites, apps, Twitter, and other multiplatform venues 

Unit 2: How To Write Multiplatform Content

Basic storytelling doesn’t stop when writing for the web — however, in this new arena, content is king and stories are told in shorter, more succinct fashion.  Web series, blogs, and one-time virtual videos command the world’s attention. In this section, learn how to take existing storytelling skills and apply them to the web.

Lesson 1

  1. Basics of storytelling for fiction and non-fiction
  2. How to tell a story within a multiplatform arena
  3. One-time postings versus serials (web series and blogs)
  4. Examples of multiplatform storytelling

Lesson 2

  1. Writing visually
  2. Scripted formats
  3. Non-fiction formats (narrative and two-column)
  4. Multiplatform basics — abbreviations

Unit 3: Branding Yourself for Writing on the Web

Your skills as a writer — a writer in print — are the same as a writer for the web; however, the buyers are different and in order to get past the web threshold guardians you’ll need to brand yourself in such a way that web editors (and print editors, for that matter) remember you and know who to call upon when there’s a writing assignment available.  Branding yourself in this arena is essential and necessary and this course will show you how.

Lesson 1

  1. Access your skills: “My life as a writer – so far”
  2. Begin to formulate your brand by looking at other brands – products and personalities
  3. Transferring your content to a print-alternative platform
  4. Is this the next step for you/your writing career?

Lesson 2

  1. Finding your web “voice”
  2. Perfecting your web voice, brand, and presence on the web
  3. Moving your writing career from print to web to mobile
  4. Success stories

Web-based opportunities continue to grow with new technology. With your new brand you could be known as a print-to-web-to-mobile writer; in other words a multiplatform writer, adding power to your resume and list of credits.

How the course works

You can start anytime, and there are no required hours to log on. It's all done with one-on-one correspondence with the instructor using email. You can read and print course materials in the course Web site, which you can access at your leisure with a password that we provide. We have writers from around the world participating in our workshops. A lot of great writing gets accomplished via email. Because of the one-on-one nature of our workshops, you'll find them an excellent "coaching" or mentoring situation that will keep you going. And if you want to just work on your own — hey, that's fine too. Of course you can do the suggested exercises on your own without the feedback if you'd rather do that. We're also here throughout the year if you have questions.
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Cost: Units 1, 2, and 3, $85 each | All 3 units, $230 (save $25)

Credit: Units 1 & 2, 1.0 CEU | Unit 3, 3 CEU | All 3 units, 5 CEU

Contact: For more information about The Web for Writers, contact Laurie Scheer at or call 608-265-3972.