Cross-Cultural Health Care Case Studies

This online self-study course explores the importance of culturally competent care through case studies. A series of 5 tutorials on cultural competence, it familiarizes health care providers with common issues that arise when working with people of diverse cultures.

At a glance

What: Cross-Cultural Health Care Case Studies

When: Start anytime, complete within 1 year

Where: Online

Cost: $95

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

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What we will cover

The course includes the following modules:

  • Core Concepts in Cultural Competence
  • The Lanesha Johnson Case Study presents concepts and issues related to social, emotional, and cultural factors that influence adherence.
  • The Diane Mathis Case Study presents the legal background and requirements regarding the need for medical interpretation and how an individual or organization can respond to this responsibility.
  • The Alejandro Flores Case Study presents concepts and issues related to normative cultural values and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as they affect medical decision-making in a Latino family.
  • The Rivka Cohen Case Study presents concepts and issues related to cultural and religious factors as they affect medical decision-making and disease management.
  • A Day in the Sleep Clinic presents concepts and issues related to disparities based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity and will consider individual, providers and systems contributions to health disparities.

Authors and course resources

This course was developed through the collaborative efforts of the National Pediatric Pulmonary Centers.

Support was provided by funding from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

Contributors include:

  • Craig Becker, LCSW, MSSW, University of Wisconsin Pediatric Pulmonary Center
  • Susan Horky, LCSW, MSW, University of Florida Pediatric Pulmonary Center
  • Janet Johnson, PNP, MSN, University of Alabama at Birmingham Pediatric Pulmonary Center
  • Mary Jeanne Phipps, LICSW. MSW, University of Washington Pediatric Pulmonary Center
  • Betty-Pauline Polanco, RRT, MEd, University of  Arizona Pediatric Pulmonary Center
  • Melissa Saperstein, MSW, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Pediatric Pulmonary Center
  • Rebecca Tribby, RN, MSN, University of Wisconsin Pediatric Pulmonary Center

Course access

Once your registration for the course is received, you are sent an e-mail (you must include an e-mail address with your registration) with the course Web site access and your password. All course readings and content are contained within the course site. When you have completed the course and quizzes, also contained within the course site, you are sent an official Completion Report verifying your completion of the course and the number of continuing education hours earned.

Computer requirements

  • Flash version 6 or higher
  • Sound card and speakers to hear the lectures
  • Java enabled browser such as IE 6 or higher (PC) or IEj.x or Safari (Mac), Mozilla 1.7.3 or FireFox 1 (PC/Mac) or Netscape 7.1 (PC/Mac)
  • Mac OS X (if using Mac)