Creating an Online Presence

How to set up and create content for your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and other channels for your professional digital persona

Using a step-by-step approach, learn how to use social networking media successfully in just 10 minutes a day. Your experienced instructor/coach answers your questions and helps you develop a marketing plan that fits your writing life and schedule. Take one or more of the six units: blogging; Facebook; Twitter; other platforms; Instagram; and social media marketing plans.

At a glance

What: Creating an Online Presence

When: Start anytime, complete within 1 year

Where: Online

Cost: 1-6 units; Unit: 0.6 CEUs, $85 | All 6 units: 3.6 CEUs, $430 (save $80)

Instructor: Kimberly Aime

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According to Statistic Brain, the average person spends more than 66 hours a month on the Internet, including 15+ hours on Facebook. Estimates suggest that a stunning 93% of marketing is now done on social media. As a writer, you need to be where your audience is and to set yourself apart from the crowd. But how? In this course, we walk you through setting up and creating content for your online presence.

How this course works

You can start Create an Online Presence anytime, and there are no required hours to log on or deadlines. It’s all done with one-on-one correspondence with the instructor via email. Because of the one-on-one nature of our courses, you’ll find them an excellent mentoring situation to challenge you just enough and to help you keep you writing. If you prefer to work on your own, you can opt out of the feedback. We’re also here throughout the year if you have any questions.

What this course covers

For this course, you have the option of taking all of the classes together which allows you to create a comprehensive Social Media Marketing plan, or you can choose to take the units à la carte. The à la carte option is great if you are already established on one platform (i.e. Facebook), but not on others like Twitter or Pinterest.

  • Blogging Unit: Why blogging is important for writers, creating your blogging platform, different free sites available to new bloggers, setting up your blog, creating content, and finding your blogging community
  • Facebook Unit: Differences between pages and personal profiles, creating your page, different types of updates, what and when to post, and using Facebook insights to get more effective posts
  • Twitter Unit: Benefits to Twitter, twittiquette, creating a Twitter profile, creating content for your tweets, tips on filtering your tweets, setting up automation tools for your Twitter account
  • Other Social Media Platforms Unit: Introduction and basic set-up of the following platforms: Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, and LinkedIn
  • Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan Unit: Only available if you have taken all of the above units. Together we will put together a comprehensive social media marketing plan customized for your needs and available resources.


Credit: Single unit, 0.6 CEUs each | All 5 units, 3.0 CEUs

Contact: For more information about Creating an Online Presence, contact Laura Kahl at or call 608-262-3982.