Music Theory for Playing by Ear

Learn the basics of music theory that you need to play by ear. We start with an introduction to the musical alphabet and the major scale, then move to chord construction, chord progressions, transposing, and the circle of fifths. Increase your understanding of how music works as well as your ability to improvise and play with others. Open to any instrument; no knowledge of music notation necessary.

At a glance

What: Music Theory for Playing by Ear

When: Last offered Oct 4, 2016. Check back for next offering.

Where: James Reeb Unitarian, 2146 E Johnson St., Madison, WI

Cost: $105

Continuing education credit: 6.25 hours (0.62 CEUs)

Instructor: Jonathan Peik

Registration closed

For additional information, contact Jessica Courtier: 608-890-3626