Movement as Language: Laban Theory and Communication

Discover the subtle ways your body language communicates to others, whether you're walking, running a meeting, or dancing. We'll examine subconscious modes of movement and then play with exaggerating and altering them. Gain insight about a multitude of real-life situations: social relationships, work life, and creative practices. This workshop is an open, inviting space where everyone is equally acknowledged, free to play and be heard.

At a glance

What: Movement as Language: Laban Theory and Communication

When: Sat, Apr 29, 9am-noon

Where: State Street Center, 3rd Fl. Studio, 122 State St., Madison, WI

Cost: $50

Continuing education credit: 3 hours (0.3 CEUs)

Instructor: Heidi Krause

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For additional information, contact Jessica Courtier: 608-890-3626

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