Motivational Interviewing, Level 2: Advancing Practice

Limited to 35 participants

Building on the level 1 training, the Certificate course allows you to work with your fellow students to enhance and deepen your skills and to earn a Professional Certificate of Completion in Motivational Interviewing. The trainers provide detailed feedback and coaching for each learner.

At a glance

What: Motivational Interviewing, Level 2: Advancing Practice

When: MT, Oct 5-6, M, Nov 2, 9am-4pm

Where: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St, Madison, WI

Cost: $450

Continuing education credit: 18 hours (1.8 CEUs)

Scott Caldwell
Laura Saunders

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Part of the UW-Madison Continuing Studies Professional Certificate of Completion in Motivational Interviewing (MI), this 3-day training emphasizes continued skill building. Each student develops an individualized learning plan based on feedback.

What you’ll learn/gain

Days 1-2: Advancing Practice in MI

Each learner receives individualized feedback based on their baseline audio-recorded sample. The focus of this training period is assisting learners to develop complex reflective listening skills and to practice recognizing, eliciting, and responding to change talk. Of the four MI processes, focusing and evoking are featured. Learners complete and submit the 2nd audio recording of MI practice at the end of day 2.

What you will learn:

  • An increased understanding of how people learn MI and of the benchmarks of proficient practice
  • Understand and interpret individualized feedback
  • Create an individual learning plan and a pathway toward MI proficiency
  • Identify change talk language cues
  • Continue to develop reflective listening skills
  • Experience in using MI strategies to elicit change talk
  • Experience with focusing sessions and directive use of OARS skills

Day 3: Integrating MI into Practice: Improving client outcomes

This final training day focuses on the integration of MI into practice. Planning is featured, including developing a change goal, supporting plan, and commitment. Learners receive individualized feedback from their audio-recorded practice sample (from the end of the 2nd training day), then revise their learning plan as appropriate. This workshop provides learners opportunities to reflect on their MI practice to date and offers a menu of options for specific skill-building activities. Learners conceptualize how to measure and track key clinical outcomes influenced by MI. Participants audio-record a real session after the workshop and submit the recording the trainers electronically. Feedback is provided to each learner via email.

  • Based on baseline and second practice sample results, revise practice goals and the learning plan
  • Be able to develop a change plan with clients
  • Be able to conceptualize follow up sessions with clients to track outcomes
  • Consider ways to continue integrating and learning MI

How earning the certificate works

Upon completion of the 5 classes and 3 audio recordings comprising Levels 1 and 2, students will earn a Professional Certificate of Completion in Motivational Interviewing from UW-Madison Continuing Studies.

Course details

Cost for the class is $450. Earn 1.8 CEUs (18 hours) from UW-Madison.

Questions? Email Flo Hilliard or call 608-265-2679.