Substance Abuse Class 6: Motivating Clients for Change

This knowledge- and skills-based class focuses on an evidence-based practice that motivates people to change behavior in even the most difficult circumstances. Part of the Substance Abuse Certificate Program.

At a glance

What: Substance Abuse Class 6: Motivating Clients for Change

When: W, Nov 18, 9am-4pm

Where: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St, Madison, WI

Cost: $140

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

Instructor: Scott Caldwell

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For additional information, contact Flo Hilliard: 608-265-2679


You will learn:

  • what Motivational Interviewing (MI) is and why it succeeds
  • why MI is so effective even with the most difficult clients
  • how to use MI effectively with different populations and cultures
  • listening for and supporting Change Talk
  • how to use MI to work effectively with difficult clients without having to be confrontational