"Engendered Is the Flower": Medieval Gardens Past and Present

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales brims with images of spring, flowers, and gardens. Because so few books about gardening have survived the Middle Ages, it serves as a significant source of information on the meaning and use of gardens in the 14th century. This three-part illustrated lecture series seeks to supplement Chaucer's work by examining traces of gardens in paintings, tapestries, maps, and sculptures. It includes a virtual tour of contemporary re-created medieval gardens.

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What: "Engendered Is the Flower": Medieval Gardens Past and Present

When: 3 weeks; Thu, Oct 19-Nov 2, 7:30-8:45pm

Where: Elvehjem Building, 800 University Ave., Madison, WI

Cost: $45

Continuing education credit: 4 hours (0.4 CEUs)

Instructor: Madge Hildebrandt Klais

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