Taking the Difficult Out of Difficult Conversations at Work

Giving coaching feedback to staff, peers, or your boss, is one of the most difficult communications that leaders or managers do. Receivers can become defensive, the conversation can get off track, and the goal of motivating change while preserving relationships can be lost. We explore specific skills and tools related to coaching and conflict resolution, including how to "manage the moment" if the going gets tough. Open enrollment and also a CPM Organizational Management Class.

At a glance

What: Taking the Difficult Out of Difficult Conversations at Work

When: Last offered Aug 3, 2017. Check back for next offering.

Where: University Research Park, MGE Innovation Center, 510 Charmany Dr., Madison, WI

Cost: $185 through Jul 3, $215 after; includes lunch

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

Instructor: Laura V. Page

Registration closed

For additional information, contact Laura V. Page: 608-890-3627

Learning objectives

  • Examine traditional and new best practice steps for giving performance feedback.
  • Increase our self-awareness, of both our outward behaviors and our inward thoughts and feelings, so that we can communicate more effectively.
  • Explore multiple techniques for changing our habits of over reacting to the challenging behaviors of others and replacing these with learned responses.
  • Identify specific listening and communication skills that are particularly helpful in difficult conversations.
  • Review advanced guidelines for expressing our feelings in ways that are less likely to trigger defensiveness in others.