Facilitating Cross-Cultural Groups and Global Teams

Today, organizations work increasingly with staff and partners who come from all corners of the world. As a result, we find ourselves facilitating meetings and teams with significant cultural differences. Learn insights, strategies, and techniques to improve your cross-cultural sensitivity and competence as a facilitator and leader in a culturally diverse context. Explore key causes of cross-cultural misunderstandings and how to overcome them. Open enrollment and also a CPM Organizational Management Class.

At a glance

What: Facilitating Cross-Cultural Groups and Global Teams

When: Last offered Jul 27, 2017. Check back for next offering.

Where: University Research Park, MGE Innovation Center, 510 Charmany Dr., Madison, WI

Cost: $325; includes lunch and book

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

Instructor: Charles Dufresne

Registration closed

For additional information, contact Laura V. Page: 608-890-3627

Learning Objectives

  • Describe globalization trends and demographic shifts creating more culturally diverse organizations and working environments.
  • Assess your cross-cultural competence and identify cultural biases and beliefs underlying the way you facilitate and lead meetings, workshops, and teams.
  • Apply proven strategies and techniques which foster successful meetings, workshops, communication, and discussions in cross-cultural settings, including cross-cultural virtual environments.
  • Identify ways to cultivate and reinforce trust in cross-cultural groups and teams.
  • Anticipate and minimize adverse conflict and misunderstandings attributable to cultural differences.
  • Apply tips to enhance communication with colleagues, staff or partners who are not fluent in English.
  • Leverage cultural differences for optimal group brainstorming, problem solving, and cohesion.
  • Use a conceptual framework to plan and design your cross-cultural meetings, workshops, & discussions.
  • Develop a personal plan to continue learning and developing your cross-cultural competence.