Ethics and Boundaries: Spirituality, Stress, and Burnout

This 1-day workshop is designed to increase our sensitivity to the spiritual lives of our clients and help us work skillfully with these powerful feelings in ourselves and in our practice. We will also focus on the mental health practitioner and provide education about stress and burnout.

At a glance

What: Ethics and Boundaries: Spirituality, Stress, and Burnout

When: Last offered Nov 4, 2014. Check back for next offering.

Where: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St, Madison, WI

Cost: $150

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

Instructor: David Mays

Registration closed

For additional information, contact Kristi Obmascher: 608-262-8971

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Understanding the importance of religion in American culture, and specifically in our clients, is essential for doing a thorough mental health assessment. A good assessment is vital in treatment planning and anticipating potential problems in the treatment relationship. Cultivating sensitivity to these matters can prevent the therapist from falling into significant boundary problems, such as approaching spiritual issues either as a zealous advocate or skeptical naysayer.

All professional standards related to mental health practice require that practitioners monitor their performance and maintain personal competence in their work. Burnout is a common cause of boundary violations, and subpar outcomes with clients are inevitable when the practitioner is impaired by stress or other psychological difficulties. We will focus on the mental health practitioner and provide education about:

  • being stressed and stress relief
  • recognizing burnout in ourselves and the people we work with and supervise
  • being aware of how boundary problems result from feeling burned out and ineffective
  • being happy—what we know about achieving this ultimate goal, both for ourselves and our clients

Learning objectives

  • Explain the importance of anomalous experiences in individual’s lives
  • Assess screening questions for spiritual assessment in clients
  • Describe common boundary problems around spiritual issues
  • Explain current thinking about stress management in the workplace
  • List the signs of burnout and the boundary implications in mental health work