Many meetings lack focus. There might be confusion about what the decision is and/or who is making it, and follow-through is lackluster. Outcome-based agendas with multi-modal processes use people’s time well, focus energy, and support group members working in more productive and creative ways before, during, and after meetings.

Effective decision-making is often a challenge for groups. This includes the tension between closure and further exploration and/or the different understandings of what consensus is and how to use it. When decision-making rules have been established, you can address that tension, explore the gradients of agreement, and facilitate true buy-in that supports lasting solutions. Transform your meetings from “food fight” to “culinary delight!”

Learn how to:

  • Use group agreements to create inclusive meetings
  • Design outcome-based agendas that get tasks accomplished
  • Assess the pros/cons of different decision-making rules
  • Learn a tool to clarify the degree of agreement
  • Use meeting evaluations to maintain effective group process

Your fee includes the book, The Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making.