Part of the UW-Madison Continuing Studies Professional Certificate of Completion in Motivational Interviewing (MI), this 2-day exposure training provides a background on MI theory and research, including how and why behavior change occurs. MI is contrasted with other methods of behavior change. Learners are introduced to the basic practice elements of MI, including the spirit (partnership, evocation, acceptance, compassion), OARS skills (open questions, affirmation, reflection, summary) and fundamental processes (engaging, focusing, evoking, planning). Engaging will be the featured MI process in this workshop. Through discussion, videos, and experiential exercises, learners will begin developing their MI skills.

What you will learn

  • Identify MI as an evidence-based practice
  • Contrast MI with other methods of behavior change
  • Identify the elements of practice (spirit, skills, processes)
  • Identify change talk as an active ingredient of MI
  • Observe MI and begin developing person-centered OARS skills

How earning the certificate works

At the conclusion of the Level 1 training, participants who want to earn the certificate will submit for review an audio recording of an MI session with a co-learning peer. Thirty-five applicants will be accepted into Level 2: Advancing Practice. Click for complete info on Level 2»

Course details

Cost for the class is $300. Earn 1.2 CEUs (12 hours) from UW-Madison.

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Questions? Email Flo Hilliard or call 608-265-2679.