Contemporary Issues in Geriatric Mental Health Care Management Certificate

This one-of-a-kind in the nation professional development certificate series focuses on developing knowledge and skills of community-based care managers to improve mental health care for older adults

This professional certificate program comprises 6 classes of insights and practical approaches for working with older adults who have mental illness. Review the basic tenets of care management; explore how to work more effectively as care managers. Learn about evidence-based screening tools for late-life mental disorders as well as the concept and practice of a strengths-based approach. Other topics include the ethics of in-home care and care coordination and monitoring.

At a glance

What: Contemporary Issues in Geriatric Mental Health Care Management Certificate

Requirements for Certificate: Professionals registering for this certificate need to have experience in working with older adults. The 6 required seminars must be completed during a 2-year period which starts from the time of enrollment.

Cost: $135 per seminar

Continuing education credit: 30 hours (3.0 CEUs)

For additional information, contact SUZANNA WATERS CASTILLO, MSSW, PhD: 608-263-3174



Learning objectives

  • Explain the basic tenets of care management.
  • Create a plan to work more effectively as a care manager.
  • Utilize evidence-based screening tools for late-life mental disorders, and contrast the concept and practice of a strengths-based approach.

Seminars in the certificate

Recommended text

The following text is recommended for this series: An Integrated Textbook of Geriatric Mental Health by Donna Cohen, PhD and Carl Eisdorfer, MD, PhD. Available at»

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Geriatric Mental Health Care Management Certificate Series?
This is a professional development training series that addresses unique screening, client/patient education, evidence-based care and treatment, care monitoring, and ethics while applying a strengths-based approach to care management for older adults with mental health problems.

Who is this certificate series for?
This series is for health and human service professionals who currently or previously have worked with older adults. It is intended to provide participants with clinical and didactic information that addresses geriatric mental illness and health within the context of geriatric care management.

What are the requirements of this certificate series?
One of the fundamental seminars that all participants must take is an Overview of Late-Life Mental Disorders which is a baseline seminar on geriatric mental health. Individuals enrolled must also take 5 remaining seminars for this certificate which are: Geriatric Mental Health Care Management, Screening and Assessment for Late-Life Mental Disorders, Strengths-Based Geriatric Care Management, Effective Psychotherapeutic Approaches for Older Adults, and Ethics of in-Home Geriatric Care Management. Participants are required to complete the series within a 2-year timeframe beginning on the registration date. Extensions may be requested of your instructor for this series.

What will I receive when I complete the certificate series?
You will receive a framed, signed, and official certificate from University of Wisconsin-Madison for your participation and completion of the Geriatric Mental Health Care Management Series. You will also receive a record of your 30 continuing education hours and seminars and a letter of acknowledgement from Dr. Suzanna Waters Castillo of Programs on Aging at the Division of Continuing Studies. Certificates will be presented to participants upon completion of all required coursework or may be awarded at the final seminar of the day of certificate completion.

How many CEUs will I receive?
You will receive 0.5 CEUs (5 CEU hours) for each seminar or a total of 3.0 CEUs, which equals 30 hours of class time. The Department of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies in the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is an approved continuing education provider for licensed social workers and other human service and AODA professionals.

How much does this series cost?
Each seminar is paid for individually at the time of the enrollment. Seminar costs are currently $135.00 each. The entire series over a 2-year period will cost $810.00.

How do I sign up?

Contact Suzanna Waters Castillo at or 608-263-3174 for further information. You will be asked to complete the seminar certificate series form indicating your intent to pursue the certificate in Geriatric Mental Health Care Management when you take your first seminar. Please note that all seminars are open enrollment as well as certificate-based.