Capstone Certificates

What is a Capstone Certificate?

Capstone Certificates are a focused collection of courses that, when completed, afford the student a record of coherent academic accomplishment in a given discipline or set of related disciplines. Capstone Certificate programs do not lead to the conferral of a degree. Students are awarded certificates to designate completion of a well-defined program of coursework. Capstone Certificates are recorded on the student’s UW-Madison transcript.

Capstone Certificates are intended to offer innovative programs that will serve the educational needs of specialized groups of nontraditional students and working professionals. Applicants must have completed a minimum of baccalaureate degree or its equivalent; several certificates require a minimum of a master’s or other advanced degree to be eligible for admission. Students seek a certificate to enhance their prior training, and are often professionals returning to school for specialized education and skill-building in the area of the certificate.

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Further Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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