Wisconsin Regional Art Program:

Workshop coordinators' information

The following materials can now be downloaded for use by workshop coordinators. If necessary, go to Adobe Acrobat Downloads, to get your free copy of Acrobat Reader. Award Cards will still be sent to each workshop by mail.

Hosting a workshop

Your art organization or art club can host an Art Workshop. We plan early so contact us as soon as possible, if you'd like to sponsor a workshop next year. We're looking for new places now.

Local WRAP coordinators

Our statewide network of exhibitions and workshops would not be possible without the hours of volunteer work by local WRAP coordinators. Our thanks go out to those individuals who have made, and will make, local WRAP exhibitions and workshops a success as we celebrate another 75 years.

  • Susan Barrett, Monroe WRAP Coordinator
  • Lynn Block, Wausau WRAP Co-coordinator
  • Nanci Buchanan, Richland Center WRAP Coordinator
  • Audrey Bunchkowski, Wautoma WRAP Co-Coordinator
  • Jody Covington, Beloit WRP Coordinator
  • Paula DeStefanis, Grafton WRAP Co-coordinator
  • Joyce Follis, Whitewater WRAP Coordinator
  • Gillian Graffy, Burlington WRAP Coordinator
  • David Carpenter, Prairie du Sac WRAP Coordinator
  • Katie Chaffee, River Falls WRAP Coordinator
  • C.K. Chang, Madison WRAP Co-coordinator
  • Claudia Fitzgerald, Janesville WRAP Coordinator
  • Mary Ellen Hagenauer, Madison WRAP Co-Coordinator
  • Kathleen Hosch, Waukesha WRAP Coordinator
  • Jeanette Krueger, Woodruff WRAP Coordinator
  • Jean Lang, Madison WRAP Co-Coordinator
  • Gary Warren Niebuhr, Greendale WRAP Coordinator
  • Jane O'Brien, recent Eagle River WRAP Coordinator
  • Lynn Ott, Wausau WRAP Co-coordinator
  • Katy Ralph, Rhinelander WRAP Coordinator
  • Heidi Royal, Portage WRAP Coordinator
  • Marlene Salls, LaCrosse WRAP Coordinator
  • Valorie Schleicher, Grafton WRAP Co-coordinator
  • Fran Schmid, Fond du Lac WRAP Coordinator
  • Ginny Schuld, Black River Falls AND Tomah WRAP Coordinator
  • Greg Torgeson, Hartford WRAP Coordinator
  • Stephanie Walter, Wautoma WRAP Co-Coordinator
  • Vina Yang, Madison WRAP Co-Coordinator
  • Director Rountree Gallery, Platteville WRAP Coordinator

Your contact

Helen Klebesadel, 21 N Park St, 7th Floor, Madison WI 53715, Phone: 608-262-3056, E-mail: hklebesadel@dcs.wisc.edu.