Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

The award winning integrated marketing communications department consists of artists, writers, editors, and designers and developers for web and print. If you found Continuing Studies through a brochure, catalog, flyer, email, website, or radio or TV commercial, you've already seen what we do. We live the Wisconsin Idea every day; getting the word out about classes, conferences, and programs to students across Wisconsin and around the world.

To contact IMC about your next project, call or email Dave Giroux, Director of Marketing, at or 608-890-1031.

Public Relations and Social Media Specialist
Phone: 608-890-3003; email:

Lavilla develops PR and social media plans that support program marketing and enhance learner engagement, while boosting visibility for the Division as a whole. This includes a renewed focus on content marketing, in which we work to share our expertise and compelling stories about transformative learning experiences.

Shannon FIGARO
Marketing Account Manager
Phone: 608-890-4853; email:

bio forthcoming

Christina L. FINÉT
Creative Director/Associate Director
Phone: 608-262-3319; email:

Christina directs artistic communications and divisional brand management, and oversees publications design and production.

Marketing Director
Phone: 608-890-1031; email:

Dave provides overall leadership for the Marketing and Communications Team, which helps the Division and the campus develop, implement, and evaluate strategies to reach more non-traditional students and promote lifelong learning.

Marketing Account Manager
Phone: 608-890-4874; email:

Amy is the Marketing Account Manager overseeing Summer Term, ACSSS, and VISP. Amy works with the departments and programs to develop communications strategies and guide those strategies through to execution and completion.

Marketing Strategies and Services Manager
Phone: 608-890-2937; email:

MJ provides leadership for our team of account managers and marketing strategists, ensuring that we provide a high level of support for all DCS programs. MJ and her group develop robust integrated marketing plans for credit and noncredit lifelong learning offerings, serving as your primary points of contact with our IMC Team.

Marketing Account Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications
Phone: 608-265-4706; email:

As Marketing Account Manager, Whitney provides marketing guidance to DCS Arts and Humanities programs. She develops marketing plans, ensures each project is target-focused, and oversees production; making sure that all items are delivered on time, on budget, and with the perfect amount of sparkle.

Senior Artist
Phone: 608-262-6192; email:

Nancy designs divisional publications and direct-mail pieces, and creates catalog covers and complex artwork using the Adobe Suite software, with a focus on Photoshop.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Phone: 608-890-3206; email:

bio forthcoming

Buri LOR
Graphic Designer
Phone: 608-890-4970; email:

Buri designs various marketing materials for the Division of Continuing Studies to supplement marketing campaigns that reach the targeted audience, campaign goals, and overall mission.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Phone: 608-262-7309; email:

As part of the digital team, Kerrie helps create, edit, and maintain the division website. She manages errors, updates, and content for new and existing program and administrative pages.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Phone: 608-262-2358; email:

bio forthcoming

Sheila S. OLIG
Production Manager
Phone: 608-262-2723; email:

Sheila manages the production schedule, updates direct-mail brochures and other publications, and supports the catalog production process. She also handles routine office management and budget duties.

Public Relations and Social Media Specialist
Phone: 608-890-2982; email:

Dean develops PR and social media plans that support program marketing and enhance learner engagement, while boosting visibility for the Division as a whole. This includes a renewed focus on content marketing, in which we work to share our expertise and compelling stories about transformative learning experiences.

Senior Editor
Phone: 608-890-0199; email:

Maria writes and edits print and digital content for Continuing Studies programs and Educational Innovation.

Stanley SALLAY
Graphic Designer
Phone: 608-890-1938; email:

bio forthcoming

Digital Solutions Manager
Phone: 608-262-6281; email:

Greta leads our digital team in digital marketing, web development, direct marketing, and customer segmentation.

Elizabeth (Betsy) STRAHIN
Market Research Analyst
Phone: 608-890-0114; email:

Betsy is responsible for conducting market research projects such as new program market analysis and post-event evaluations.

Market Research Manager
Phone: 608-265-3187; email:

Jessica provides marketing research support to help determine the interest level and market needs for new programs.

Marketing Account Manager
Phone: 608-265-6717; email:

bio forthcoming

Direct Marketing Specialist
Phone: 608-890-1111; email:

Sarah manages our list and customer segmentation processes to develop successful targeted marketing campaigns for direct mail and email. She also provides general e-marketing campaign support.

Marketing department services and responsibilities

Continuing Studies offers a wide array of individual, departmental, and institutional marketing support services. The Marketing and Communications Department is the steward of the Continuing Studies brand and develops promotional pieces for the Division's lifelong-learning programs. We also assist schools and colleges across campus and promote the UW-Madison Summer Session.


  • Marketing consultation and planning for credit and noncredit continuing education programs, services and activities, and Summer Term.
  • Writing and editing copy for, and designing, print and electronic materials and publications including brochures, flyers, postcards, web pages, exhibits, and the Continuing Studies Catalog.
  • Creating and evaluating Internet marketing campaigns.
  • Responding to phone and web requests for information and publications; sharing information via exhibits and displays at community events.
  • Contacting media; writing press releases, feature articles, and news briefs for distribution through University Communications and other outlets.
  • Researching ad costs and media, and developing display ads.
  • Collecting and evaluating marketing data on promotional campaigns and website usage.
  • Assist in the development of internet marketing strategies.
  • Ordering and maintaining mail lists for selected program areas; mailing and coordinating distribution of print pieces for specific programs.

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