Departments and Units of the Division

Liberal Studies and the Arts
The Department of Liberal Studies and the Arts (LSA) serves lifelong learners through classes and conferences in languages, music, writing, art, history, and more. Classes are taught by Continuing Studies instructors and professionals in their fields.

Professional Development and Applied Studies
Through classes, noncredit certificate programs, workshops, and conferences, the Department of Professional Development and Applied Studies (PDAS) helps professionals hone their skills, earn professional credits, and stay current on the latest research and best practices in their field.

Adult Career and Special Student Services
Information about programs and services for nontraditional and nondegree University Special students is available through Continuing Studies’ Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS). ACSSS also helps local adults considering a career change or engaged in a job search. ACSSS provides guidance through student application and enrollment processes, educational workshops, individual appointments, assessments, and career workshops.

Continuing and degree programs for nontraditional audiences
Continuing Studies provides funding and academic planning resources for schools and colleges as they work to offer credit programs designed to reach nontraditional audiences. Some of the mechanisms available to support credit programs for nontraditional students include:

Marketing and Communications
Continuing Studies offers a wide array of individual, departmental, and institutional marketing support services. The Marketing and Communications Department is the steward of the Continuing Studies brand and develops promotional pieces for the Division's lifelong-learning programs. We also assist schools and colleges across campus and promote the UW-Madison Summer Session.

Administration and the Dean's Office
Led by Jeff Russell and staffed with seasoned administrators, all with the singular goal of serving the needs of UW-Madison Continuing Studies and our community as a whole.